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A gaming social platform for In-home senior rehabilitative care

To assist older adults with disabilities in recovering physical, psychological, and social skills in order to maintain a more independent life, the project designs a socializing rehab game that takes into account both affordability and gaming experience. The platform allows multiple seniors to play MahJong, a tiled-based game that originated from Qing Dynasty, with wearable devices serving a particular rehabilitating purpose: hand joint exercise. The game consists of two players where they could play tiles with controllers while exercising at the same time.


The final prototype can be divided into two parts: the physical wearable device and the online web game.

I used one glove and sewed four bend sensors to four fingers for the wearable controller part. To protect the sensors and to make it easier for the users to bend the sensors, I put protectors on the fingertips.

There are three major components for the web game: the game itself and the connection to rehab exercise. Each time a user is logged in, the user is marked as a new client and will get 13 randomly generated tiles only visible for him/herself. When user one plays a tile, user two would see it displayed on the screen in real-time.All the visual elements and interactions are made with p5.js and the web is running on the server written in node.js.

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 3.57.21 AM.png

Video Documentation:

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